Bonsai 盆栽


A potted dwarf tree as distinguished from potted plants in general. While the charm of a potted flower or a foliage plant lies in its own beauty, that of bonsai is said to consist in the natural atmosphere it creates. Bonsai culture dates back to the Heian period , and it became the fashion as the southern school of Chinese painting (nanga) gained popularity in the late Edo period. A dwarf tree planted in a pot is trained and trimmed into a graceful shape so that it may represent a beautiful landscape in miniature. Although great care and artificial aid are given in raising it, a dwarf tree is expected to appeal to the viewer’s imagination by expressing natural beauty. Although it is actually “man-made”, it must look like a natural object.
There is a famous village as a bonsai village in Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken in Japan.

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