What’s “幸せなひと時(Shiawase Na Hitotoki)” How to make ORIGAMI

How to make ORIGAMI(折り紙). This homepage introduces traditional Japanese culture. It is explained in English · French · Spanish. Among traditional Japanese culture, ORIGAMI(folding paper) is introduced in youtube videos in an easy-to-understand manner. The point that I should pay attention keeps a sign in a screen. Please try folding paper by all means. When there is a theme you’d like to make, please search in English, French and Spanish. A favorite should be found surely. Please enjoy “ORIGAMI(folding paper)”.


Origami (The art of folding paper)
The making of various figures from a piece of paper is one of the unique Japanese arts. Traditionally, origami products were commonly used for decorating ceremonial tools at shrines. Even today, the sake (rice wine) server and cups used at a Shintoist wedding ceremony are tied with ritualized origami decoration.
Since the Meiji period (1868-1912), origami has been a popular pastime among children. Commercially-sold, colorful, square papers are used for making a variety of figures—stylized cranes, turtles, ships, flowers, hats, balloons, etc. Since origami can stimulate and enrich imagination and develop dexterity of hand, it is highly prized by Japanese people.