What’s “Shiawase Na Hitotoki”幸せなひと時


Origami (The Art of Folding Paper)
Making several figures from a piece of paper is one of the unique Japanese arts. Traditionally, origami products were commonly used to decorate ceremonial tools in shrines. Even today, the server’s sake (rice wine) and cups used in a Shintoist wedding ceremony are tied with the ritual decoration of origami.
Since the Meiji period (1868-1912), origami has been a popular pastime among children. Since origami can stimulate and enrich the imagination and develop the dexterity of the hand, it is much appreciated by Japanese people.

折り方を簡単に理解できるようYouTube動画(Shiawasena Hitotoki)を公開し、間違いやすい点などは、画面に「Note !」(注意!の意)と表記しています。ご自由にご覧ください。



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